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Blog Archives

Stanford finds new tests to diagnose Mitochondrial Diseases

Posted by mitokids on 10th February 2009

Found this article while researching the best Mito researchers in the country.

New Test for Mysterious Metabolic Diseases Developed at Stanford/Packard

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Mito-Kids Documentary teaser

Posted by mitokids on 30th January 2009

Initial teaser for a documentary video about my 4 daughters with mitochondrial disease. The footage covers 20 years of hospital stays, doctor visits, seizures, EEG Tests, Ketogenic Diet trials, VNS surgery, and on and on.

I am working on a few more short videos explaining how each of the kids live with their disabilities then raising funds to produce a feature length version with close to 100 hours of home video I have, and need to interview many doctors and specialists to discover just how far this disorder reaches. It affects my 4 kids, my sister, my dad and myself, all in different ways.

Donations made to c/o Britney Dole and Mito-Kids will help further the production of the documentary.

To learn more about Mitochondrial disorders visit

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