Living with the "Disease behind the Disease"

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    • Britney is showing great patience as we sit in the ER waiting room for the start of a third hour. You really...
    • Britney came off her Seriquil last week and went onto a Abilify. She is not as aggressive towards others but has...
    • Nikiya always wakes up happy. today I realized why, she not only watches Barney but has Metallica playing in the...
    • Brit takes a photo of a sheep at applecrest.
    • Britney talks to her new best friend, "Larry The Bird" from the iphone app
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The Filmmakers

As many friends have offered up their time, services and skills to help see this project through. This will be a growing list of production crew.
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Marc Dole – Producer/Director – Originally an editor and cameraman for regional commercials, Marc turned his knowledge and love for computers towards animation and visual effects and started a small animation, and creative agency in Portsmouth, NH called Hatchling Studios . Hatchling’s clients include, Reebok, Timberland, Earth Footwear, MTV, NBC, Discovery Channel to name just a few. Along with building the studio close to home so he can have the support of extended family to help with his children with special needs, Marc has been involved with many small indie films both short and feature length and sat on the NH Film Commission for 3 years. His short films have screened at over 100 film festivals with 12 best of awards, and the internet shorts have been screened over 1.5 million times. Though his first love was documentary filmmaking in college, he branched out to more corporate and commercial work in order to make a living for my family. And now that family brings him back to his first love of storytelling with the story that is closest to his heart.

Karlina Lyons – Producer – began her career as a producer’s assistant at Fourth Rite Productions in Los Angeles in 1996. In 1998 she relocated to New York City where she spent eight years in the International Production Department of Sesame Workshop. In 2005, Karlina returned to her native New England where she became a consulting producer for the Cambodian Educational Media Initiative (CEMI), a partnership between WGBH and the global NGO World Education. Karlina’s work with CEMI has included producing Cambodian versions of Sesame Street (titled Sabai Sabai Sesame) and Peep and the Big Wide World. Her work on Peep included writing 13 short documentary films about how Cambodian parents engage in discovery learning activities with their children after viewing the show. In addition to consulting for CEMI, she works in Line Producer, Production Coordinator and Producer positions in local film production. Her local credits include The House of Usher (Production Coordinator) and A Stranger Among Us (Producer/Line Producer).

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