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Mito-Kids Documentary teaser

Posted by mitokids on January 30th, 2009

Initial teaser for a documentary video about my 4 daughters with mitochondrial disease. The footage covers 20 years of hospital stays, doctor visits, seizures, EEG Tests, Ketogenic Diet trials, VNS surgery, and on and on.

I am working on a few more short videos explaining how each of the kids live with their disabilities then raising funds to produce a feature length version with close to 100 hours of home video I have, and need to interview many doctors and specialists to discover just how far this disorder reaches. It affects my 4 kids, my sister, my dad and myself, all in different ways.

Donations made to c/o Britney Dole and Mito-Kids will help further the production of the documentary.

To learn more about Mitochondrial disorders visit

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