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“Deaf Perception” a Mitokids Short film

Posted by admin on March 7th, 2010

An article from Portsmouth’s “The Gossip Lady” hears the rumblings of a local short film to be made by deaf twin sisters.

By Jeanné McCartin
–Excerpt from

watch for ‘deaf Perception’

A simple Dole family project has gone haywire — and ballooned into a film project with 52 people.

“It came out of an idea Alyssa had for a movie last year — my 15-year-old daughter,” says Marc Dole, Hatchling Studio, and producer/director etc., for the film “Mito Kids.” “I told her to just write it.”

And so the kid who’s helped edit Dad’s work “(and watched for continuity),” since age 9 did just that; producing a five-page script in just a few hours titled “Deaf Perception,” “(DP),”

So Dad and mom Wanda say let’s get a camcorder and do it. Dole also shows it to his friend, filmmaker Chase Bailey, who loves it and immediately asks to direct the short. “DP” starts making the rounds and before Dole can say wooo-kid, it’s surrounded by professionals donating time and energy. (Cash is still needed for equipment and other costs. To help go to

Alyssa, who is hearing impaired, her twin Ashley, who is deaf (and adapted sections of the film) and their siblings have Mitochondria and are the subjects of “Mito Kids.” “DP” is about people’s reaction to the twin’s signing one another in public. Alyssa will direct the film; Chase acting as mentor. Alyssa and Ashley also perform the leads.

And it continues. When word of the project reaches filmmaker William (Bill) Rogers, Coruway Films, he offers to film the behind-the-scene action for eventual use in the full-length “Mito Kids.”

The plan is to submit to festivals, but Dole will post it on YouTube as soon as possible to share its insights.

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